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My name is Carolyn. I am an artist. I exercise expression and find therapy through drawing. Similarly, I also find comfort in cooking. Analogously, the kitchen is my studio. The plate is my canvas. I may not the best in the kitchen, but I like to collect, tweak, and experiment with various recipes and to come up with my own variations. Simple and healthy are key. Creativity is a plus. (weird and unorthodox flavor combinations are the best!) There is nothing better than the feeling of successfully perfecting a piece of art, getting it to look just the way you pictured it, or when cooking, successfully plating up a perfectly textured dish with the flavor profile you imagined.

Throughout my four years of college, I have successfully broken out of the encasement of an eating disorder, found peace in cooking, and therapy through lifting weights. Cooking has not only assisted in improving my mentality towards eating, it has helped me to truly enjoy food again.

As a graduate from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Food Science with a minor in Nutrition Science, I continue my food journey.

What is food science? Here is a short and sweet summary that highlights the role of food science in supplying variety in our diet. Food Science applies a wide range of scientific knowledge to allow us to make the best use of our food resources and minimize waste. I believe in health and I believe in doing it in the most sustainable way as possible. Whether it is balance between carbohydrates and protein, sweetness and saltiness, the mind and the body, supply and demand, or production and consumption, I believe balance is the key to true health for an individual or even a community. My passion lies in all things food and I believe every individual deserves to eat well – meaning eating nourishing and enjoyable food, and enough of it. Thus I continue to immerse myself in new experiences to gain a fuller perspective on such.

I have created this blog as an outlet to share interesting ideas, stories of kitchen adventures, recipes, and various encounters of mine. I hope you find my posts helpful, comforting, or even just interesting! 



Go ags!


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    I’ve only read your latest post and this about section, but I have to say your voice is strong, knowledgeable, and assertive. Props to you for being brave enough to have a public blog! I’m also glad to read that you seem to be enjoying your second year! (maybe more than you enjoyed your first year?)

    (not brave enough yet to have a public blog…although I did start a tumblr documenting quick recipes recently)

    • Aww thanks! And yes I am enjoying my second year so far even though it’s only been a little over a week. You should blog too! It’s nice to be able to organize and share your thoughts and interests! And how has your year been? I’ve missed you!

      • I do keep a blog about mostly non-food related things, but a lot of my posts are private because i just throw all my thoughts out and i don’t organize it….i can share with you a password for my posts though if you want 🙂 as well as my tumblr.

        My year has been ok; i’m writing essays right now for applications.

        I miss you too! Agh, excited to see you around holiday time and cook. How is it that we’ve never really cooked together? :p

      • Oh I did that on Tumblr too! And yes I’d be interested!
        And we really should make something fancy and fun for the holidays! Agh the school year has only started, and I already want to go home for Christmas break!

      • Oh I did that on Tumblr too! And yes I’d be interested! And we really should make something fancy and fun for the holidays! Agh the school year has only started, and I already want to go home for Christmas break!


  2. Donnell

    Hi Carolyn, want to tell you that your food looks quite exquisitely delicious and it looks like you have a lot of fun with it. I am a student at Humboldt State University publishing a newsletter for the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology and I arrived at your site in the process of trying to retrieve some photo-documentation of the CSSC Convergence here last Fall and noticed you had some nice pictures of the event. I was wondering if you would be interested in allowing them to be featured in an article about the event for our newsletter. There could also conceivably be a nice opportunity for an article about the importance of food as it pertains to sustainability and possibly a favorite recipe of yours if you would be interested in making a contribution. Hope this is something that may appeal to you, I think it could be a great addition to our newsletter if you’re interested. E-mail me at: owd7@humboldt.edu
    Thanks! Cheers!
    Owen (CCAT Newsletter Co-Editor)

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